FFG DMC is a specialist in turning center and machining center manufactures with over 70 years experience. Through cooperation and globalization with affiliates of FFG group, FFG DMC advances its solutions to approach customer demands. 

Since 1944, FFG DMC has delivered high quality and best performance CNC lathes and machining centers to the fast growing and expanding Korean industry. Over 70 years, we have created and produced only the machines of great values, taking pride in contributing great values to the lives and works of the customers and workers who build the future of Korea across a various range of industries.

Factory : Changwonsi, Korea
Product : Turning Center、 Vertical Machining Center
Industry: Automotive , Energy , 3C , Mold and die

"Live together and thrive together"

"共生共榮", the motto of FFG DMC, has the essence of old-timed Asian community value in it that has resounding echo even in the young generation. To thrive together is to work diligently together with the others who share your goal and dream. Our vision expands to the work ethics of the delivery on-time, no trouble, and the machines of the superb value. By building a healthy company, I believe all FFG DMC members can be a part of greater contribution to make the world a better place.