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Suite 100
Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

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Vendor & Supplier Information

If you are a Chaparral Machinery customer and you need service, please see our Service information page.

Chaparral Machinery
Corporate Office and Warehouse. See Location & Map page for directions.

If you are a Chaparral Machinery suppliers of machines or a vendor of industrial products, you may find the information on this page helpful as you endeavor to advance our mutual efforts in customer support.

PRIORITIES: "Service To The Customer To Enhance Their Productivity" is our goal. All vendors of industrial products must understand that our primary focus is on machine tool sales, and next, the support products to enhance the machine's performance.

COMMUNICATION: Chaparral Machinery has a voice mail system to receive your calls 24 hours daily. When your contact here at Chaparral is not available or it is after hours, you may still communicate in your words by leaving a message. Please include your name and phone number and express your issue so we might respond more rapidly to your call. "Phone Tag" can be eliminated with your cooperation. Please note the following voice mail boxes for your messages:

Voice Mail Boxes
All Sales / Vendor Sales 300
All Service / Vendor Service 369
All Admin / Vendor Admin 300
Dave Stilley (President) 303
Service Manager 308
Parts & Tooling 308
Corporate Administrative Manager 315
Mexico Sales Support 300
Mexico Service 300

We check our messages hourly and can redirect a message to another party if necessary. If we should need to document a complaint or recommendation, we can record the call to tape.

SERVICE MEETINGS: Our Monday morning schedule includes an 8:30 a.m. service meeting. You may call 972-313-1987 to reserve times on our schedule for a brief discussions of service related issues.

TRAINING CLASSES: Training classes are available upon request and are held to educate customers and prospects on our machines. These three day classes usually have from 8-12 people representing 3-8 companies. These classes are excellent opportunities for you to provide demonstration products to enlighten the trainees on new products and resulting productivity. Call 972-313-1987 for information about our next scheduled class.

MONTHLY MEETINGS: Your third opportunity to introduce new products or services to Chaparral Machinery personnel is our regular monthly meeting. We allot a 30-45 minute time for vendors; appointments must be scheduled in advance for vendors to take advantage of this group meeting. Call 972-313-1987 to reserve your time at our next meeting.

Chaparral Machinery is a regional machine tool distributor serving Texas and New Mexico.
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