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Service Information

Dallas / Fort Worth 972-313-1987
Service Department Voice Mail Box # 308

So that we can better serve our customers, we have established service policies and procedures. These procedures will maximize our efforts to service your VMC should the need arise.


The #1 priority of our Service Department is the diagnosis and repair of an inoperable machine. "Down" machines receive first consideration for service scheduling. We strive to maintain our standard of a 24 hour response time to repair a malfunctioning machine. All other service is scheduled according to availability of personnel and/or parts, with an emphasis on efficiency and minimum repair costs.


  1. We have established an inside Customer Service Representative to receive your telephone calls during our regular business hours of 8am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm, Monday through Friday. This Service Technician will be able to help diagnose machine and control problems, determine parts needed, take orders for parts pick-up or shipments, as well as answer any of your questions regarding operation and maintenance. The Customer Service Representative also dispatches our Field Service Technicians to our customers.
  2. We have a Voice Mail System to receive your service requests 24 hours a day. When our Customer Service Representative is unavailable or when it is outside our regular business hours, you will be requested by our receptionist or automated attendant to leave a message in the Service Department voice mailbox. This allows all Service personnel to hear in your words the exact nature of the machine problem. Please provide as much detailed information as you can. The objective is to diagnose and correct the problem as accurately and as quickly as possible. The Service Department voice mailbox is checked hourly by the service personnel, and you will receive a confirmation call as soon as possible. A service request left in an individual's private voice mailbox may not get as quick a response as messages left in the ervice Department voice mailbox.

Service Vehicles:

We have two service vehicles that are stocked with the most often used parts. This allow the Service Tech to be better prepared when he arrives at your facility.


Please see the Parts page.

Service Meetings:

Service Department Staff Meetings are held each Monday morning. The meetings address the following: scheduling, a review of procedures, parts, modifications, and miscellaneous other items. The meetings also review training information, and an exchange of information regarding customer service. Should you call during one of these meetings, please leave your message in the Service Department voice mailbox. Your
message will be promptly retrieved and service will be scheduled according to priority.

Training Classes:

Three-day training classes are available upon request at our facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. The first half is devoted to VMC Operation and Preventative Maintenance, while the second half is dedicated to Programming. Our factory trained instructors will provide "hands-on" instruction to your personnel on our training room VMC. Please call to make reservations.

Machine Condition:

Service Technicians may fill out and leave a "Machine Conditions Report" reporting potential problems related to lack of maintenance or normal component life. Attention to these issues may eliminate a future "emergency." This is in our customer's best interest, since the machine can be serviced before it is in a critical situation.

Service Rates:

Our Service Rates are: $125 per hour + $1.25 per mile or travel expenses, whichever applies. The rates may be lowered by utilizing our Preventive Maintenance Program. These rates remain some of the lowest in the industry... an excellent bargain when you consider the fast response time, quality of repair and low part prices.

Tips to Help Us Help You:

Locate and check the maintenance manual. Sometimes a problem is simple and can be solved by following the text. Record exactly what conditions existed when the problem occurred. Record the alarm as indicated on the screen and check the flow charts in the manuals. Have the person familiar with the machine's problem, such as the operator, programmer or maintenance personnel, contact us with the Model and serial number. Provide as thorough information as possible. The sooner a diagnosis can be made and the proper parts determined, the sooner the repair appointment can be scheduled.

Your cooperation will save you both time and money!

Chaparral Machinery is a regional machine tool distributor serving Texas and New Mexico.
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