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Sales Agents

Become a Chaparral Machinery Sales Agent in Your Area

As much as we enjoy traveling throughout our region and calling on new and established
customers, we can't be everywhere at once! So we invite you to become a sales agent
for us. When you hear that someone is considering or planning a machine tool purchase,
complete, sign, and return our Sales Agent Registration form to let us know the
prospect's name and contact information.

We pay lead fees for leads that end up as sales! Our general terms and conditions are:

  • Lead fee is usually 1.5% to 2.5% of the gross sale amount, and is determined by
    Chaparral Machinery's profit position after funding.
  • Lead fee commitment will be at Chaparral Machinery's discretion after six months
    if no sale.
  • Chaparral Machinery will accept no generalized industry or geographical listing
    of prospects.
  • Lead fees are payable only after successful funding of the sales invoice.
  • Lead fees are only for new prospects (not prospects that are current Chaparral
    Machinery equipment users).
  • Lead fees are negotiated and paid only within the parameters of law and good
    business ethics, including tax laws.
  • We will send you a 1099 and all other appropriate filings.
  • We MUST have your written acknowledgement of these conditions and terms, including your fee expectations, prior to the date of the first price quotation and prior to any negotiations.

Ready to register? Go to our Sales Agent Registration form.

Chaparral Machinery is a regional machine tool distributor serving Texas and New Mexico.
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